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Attorney List USA is a valuable SEO asset for any lawyer or law firm wanting to rank better for their geo location. The basic concept allows all lawyer listings to use networking between all major social media networking platforms. You do not need to understand SEO, you just need to understand that everything available to you on Attorney List USA was put in place for a reason.

Fact: Do a simple search for any type of business and you will see the search results are now filled with advertisements on top before all free search results display. This was never the case many years ago when the ability to rank on top required solid content and good on page SEO. While we offer one of the simplest search systems ever built, the majority of people go directly to Google to find a lawyer in their area. The trick is to understand why some lawyer websites rank and you are lost in the shuffle never gaining any rank no matter what you do.  At legal List USA, lawyers can easily take advantage of all SEO and social media implements within their law firm listings and articles.

This means SEO and networking without restrictions, something which other closed loop websites and listing directories have restricted. I have been an SEO webmaster for lawyers for well over a decade, and as Attorney List USA grows along with lawyer listings and legal articles filling in, the power of many will strengthen the one for your Geolocation in search results. Remember there is power in numbers and content is King. Many types of paid backlinking campaigns can be bad for SEO and they will not improve your rank for the long haul. In fact they can hurt it. Shady SEO tactics in some instances only work short term, then you are penalized when Google bots catch on to you. Old school white hat SEO is the only way to achieve top ranking for your Geolocation.

It is very important to understand Attorney List USA is not a closed loop system or a replacement for your favorite social media platforms. We encourage the use of them, as they all play an important role in your websites ranking. When you list your content on Attorney List USA correctly, you can only benefit. Especially when you link back from your website or a social media account to your main listing here, which finalizes the loop. My partner and I have been SEO experts for law firms and lawyers for well over a decade. Together we started the mold for the affordable lawyer websites that has since gone viral well over a decade ago.

At Attorney List USA we understand what it takes for affordable lawyers and law firm websites to be on top in major search engines. Without restrictions we have given you all the SEO tools to implement mainstream networking into your listing and articles without touching your main website. The more content you and other lawyers post, the more it will only strengthen your online presence for your Geolocation.

Attorney List USA does not restrict content incoming or outgoing and allows lawyers to use SEO in ways other listing directories have purposely prevented.

As Attorney List grows normal users can search our lawyer listings with two simple clicks. Select a city, near me, or punch in a zip code and a choose a category. Our search system is that fast and that simple. Allowing normal users the ability to quickly find affordable lawyers in their area. Attorney List USA will not have overbearing advertisements to detour any potential clients from visiting your legal listings and reading articles. 

All listings and articles posted by lawyers remain the sole property of the law firm or lawyer that posted them. All lawyer listings and articles can be changed or updated at any time by the listing owner. All content pages you create, point directly back to your lawyer listing, your website or wherever else you may decide. It is your listing and content, and you call the shots. At Attorney List USA you are in control. 

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